The Midi Player

The all new Midi Player has been re-designed for ease of use. With great sound, this FULL-FEATURED app can be used as backing tracks or a tool to accompany you as you practice. From guitar and piano chord charts, to Sheet Music PDF creation, to professional looping with audio record, this app can be used in a variety of ways to enjoy.


Playback Features

  • Background Play
  • Output to Bluetooth Speaker
  • Create Loops as markers for repeat play
  • Remote control from Midi/Bluetooth Controller
  • Tested with AirTurn and iRig Blueboard

Display Features

  • Display Lyrics within file or create custom display
  • Display notes in Piano Roll
  • Display Key Chart or Guitar Chords for any track
  • Display Sheet Music from midi file

Edit Features

  • Change Key, Tempo, EQ, Reverb
  • Track instrumentation, Mix, Balance
  • Markers or Loops for repeat play
  • File import, rename, delete

In-App Purchase Features

  • Premium Sound
  • Sheet Music Creation from midi file
  • Guitar charts for any track
  • Loop Perform - Perform loops with customizations

Winner of NAMM's Best Tool For School

Average App Store Rating

How to adjust the volume?

Tap the timecode (top center) to show menu to adjust volume and toggle mute channels. Tapping again hides the menu.

How to setup output to Bluetooth speaker?

  • Use the Settings app to connect to Bluetooth
  • Use Preferences menu to set 'Enable bluetooth speaker' to ON
  • 'Enable microphone' to OFF
  • Start song on Midi Player
  • Tap top center to get volume slider
  • Tap Bluetooth icon at right of volume slider, select device

Are my changes saved?

Yes, after making changes tap the Menu button to save changes.

What is Loop Perform?

Loop perform provides a way to sound loops with customized sound characteristics. While the loop is playing, instruments can be muted on/off and vocals/instruments can be recorded to each loop.

How do I display lyrics?

Midi files can contain lyrics embedded within. (Karaoke or .kar files). MidiPlayer provides a way to enter lyrics to appear at bar, beat boundries. Either way, tap the "Display Lyrics" menu to display lyrics. NOTE: A bug was found (and being fixed) that prohibits some midi files from displaying lyrics.

How does MidiPlayer display lyrics if they are not in the midi file?

Tap "Create" on the display lyrics screen, enter text separated by BAR | BEAT's. For example:

		  I wanna rock
		  with you.

The lines above will display (I wanna rock) at bar 5, beat 1, then display (with you) at bar 6, beat 1. Tapping find will help locate lyrics from the internet which can then be copy/paste into the create screen.

Does Sheet Music Creation work for every midi file?

You can specify tracks for the stave. However, the midi player tries to interpret the data from the file into sheet music. It depends heavily on the content in the midi file.