Are you a musician who performs live? The Midi Player 3.0 App provides the tools you need.

Whether you just want to learn the songs or sing along, Midi Player 3.0 provides tools to help you.

Having been designed by musicians for musicians, the features includes setlist creation, song mix, you can even design screens for each song to prompt you what to play or sing. Download the User Manual for more information.

It is also possible to record your own tracks layered in with the midi tracks.

Midi Player 3.0 is the app for you.

Midi Player 3.0 Features

  • All Changes are Saved (Including key, tempo, mix, etc.)
  • CoreMidi Support
  • Audio Track Recording
  • Midi Rooms for multi-device synchronized playback (Wifi)
  • Download midi files from a variety of musical genres.
  • Upload your files via email (including .zip) or iTunes.
  • Create/Edit unlimited number of playlists.
  • High Quality Sound
  • Define song regions with custom mixes
  • Mix/Mute Tracks
  • Adjust Song Key, Tempo, Mix, Track Edit
  • Design custom screen for song playback (guitar chords, charts, lyrics, piano keys, etc.)

Midi Player 3.0 is only $6.99, so don't hesitate to try it out !

$6.99 Available on the iPhone App Store